Party Buses and When You Should Use Them

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Do you have an event coming up? If you do, getting a party bus can help make the party experience even better. According to Bradon Gaille, there are over 108,000 chauffeured vehicle services in the U.S. Here are some events that party buses work out best at.

What Is a Party Bus?

If you\’ve never been on a party bus before, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. When it comes to party buses, they give you the experience of a party all while not having to worry about driving to your destination. A typical party bus is equipped with everything you need to have a great time. This ranges from iced drinks to a full sound system. This means that while you may have a destination in mind, there are tons of options in terms of where your night ends up going. While getting to your destination may be the goal, you can change your course at any time. This means you can party all night while on the move or go somewhere you didn\’t expect at all. Here are some events where a party bus makes perfect sense.


The first choice is one where the best of times can be had on a party bus. For anyone getting married, this is the day that you want to remember forever. While getting to your venue can be a boring trip, make it exciting with party buses. You and your guests can enjoy a nice relaxing ride to the venue all while not having to worry about how they\’ll be getting home at the end of the night. This means being able to take full advantage of the open bar all night. While party buses are centered around the party, this is also a way to responsibly make sure that the people you love and care for get home safely. Weddings are something no one wants to forget, so make it an easy night to remember by renting a party bus.

Bachelor Party or Bridesmaid Party

While a wedding has a set amount of time when you need to be at a certain location, a bachelor party is a bit more open to interpretation. This type of party for many people getting married is their last night of freedom. This is a night where you\’re supposed to let loose and have a good time. When party buses are involved, the possibilities are endless. One of the best things about a party is spontaneity. With a party bus, your night can go in many different directions no matter what you\’re trying to get into.

Wine Tours

Another amazing event that party buses are useful for is a wine tour. Wine tours can be taken with a variety of different people, including family and friends, coworkers, or even total strangers. Once you set out on this adventure, the goal is to stop at certain points to try out different types of wines. A party bus does a great job of keeping things lively between each winery. This also makes it so that every person on the tour can enjoy all the wine they want without having to worry about how they\’ll drive home.

Birthday Party

Every birthday you have should be a special one, so why not make it even more specials with a party bus? When it comes to party buses, they\’ll have everything you\’ll need for a night out. You can also have a cake ready on the bus for when it\’s time to blow out the candles. Of course, it\’s not a good idea to have a flame in a moving vehicle, but once you\’re pulled over at a beautiful spot, all of your loved ones can sing happy birthday! Party buses are great surprises to plan for other people\’s birthdays, as well.

Corporate Events

While the idea of a party bus might seem wild and crazy, it can also have its calm moments. While it may seem out of the ordinary, party buses can be excellent for corporate events. Usually, employees at a company live in different places. This can require them to travel a far distance for something like a holiday party. Instead of making your carpool commute boring, why not have some fun in a party bus. The bus will serve the purpose of getting you from point A to point B while giving you time to get to know your coworkers a little better. Some of your greatest relationships can be formed while at work, and a party bus is a perfect place to get to know people. A party bus can also accommodate a lot of people so even if you\’re a bigger company, a party bus is a great transport option.


For some people, a concert is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch your idols. Some people also travel a long distance just to see their favorite artist. No matter where you\’re coming from, a party bus can be utilized to get you from where you\’re staying to the actual venue. This has many pros that go along with it. First of all, the concert won\’t open its doors until close to an hour before the actual performance. If you\’re in a city you know nothing about, you could be waiting a long time for something to happen. If you hire a party bus, you can stay in the parking lot of the venue until it\’s time to get in. This ensures that you\’ll be the first one in while being in a comfortable place. Another benefit of going with a party bus is that you can utilize the party buses speaker system to blast your favorite music before seeing it played live. This is a great way to get ready for a show you\’ve waited a long time to see. The last really great thing about party buses when it comes to concerts is that if you\’re hungry after the show, a party bus chauffeur will know just the right places to go to after the show.

DJ Set

If you\’re a DJ trying to get your music out there, a great way to display your music to interested parties is to do it on party buses. While most people dread having to sit in a room and listen to the entirety of your album, a party bus is a great way to ease the tension in the room. While drinks are flowing, you can have your music playing in the background. This allows you to chat with some of the important people around you while displaying your talents.


For many people, prom is an unforgettable event. It represents a transition from ending your teens to becoming an adult. Every teen wants to remember their prom night as something magical and spectacular, so why not utilize a limo service? While there is a difference between party buses and a limo, the idea is the same. You want to travel to your special event in style, so make it amazing with a party bus. You can have all your friends in the party bus blasting your favorite music. Doing this can be enough to stand out to some of your classmates and make the most of a night you\’ll never forget.


While every event you go to may not be a party, a party bus is still a great way to unite people who have a similar passion. When you go to a convention, the idea is that you\’re hanging out with people who all like the same thing you do. You can bring some things to the party bus to accommodate what you\’re trying to do. For instance, if you\’re going to a dungeons and dragons convention, you may want to set up a small board in the bus to play a short campaign in anticipation of the event. You can also utilize the speaker system to play some epic music that\’s on theme.

Karaoke Night

Sometimes you can get sick of singing in your basement. While some people may know that you have a great voice, you may want to share it with the world. One interesting party idea that you and your friends can have is a mobile karaoke night. This means that you\’re going to be putting on a show on wheels. As you\’re singing your favorite songs, you can invite people to join you on the party bus. This is a great way to meet new people. This can also help you get out of your shell for one night. As you\’re singing your way through the city, you and your friends will have a blast.

Kid\’s Day

While a party bus may seem like it\’s only for adults, kids can enjoy some of the fun, too. If you and other parents are looking for a way to take all of your kids out to a fun event, do it with a party bus. It\’s a great way to keep your children entertained while they\’re on the way to whatever event you\’ve scheduled. This can be a trip to the museum or even a trip to a park you\’ve never gone to before. Either way, party buses have the capacity to be able to handle a good amount of kids and their parents.

While in your party bus, there are a ton of different things you can do to keep yourself entertained. Here are some fun things you can do on party buses to keep the party going with you and your guests.

A Themed Party

The first thing you can do is have a theme for your party. No matter what the theme is, this is a way to keep things surprising. If you\’re doing a murder mystery theme, it can be fun to try to guess who \”murdered\” who on the bus. You can also go with the old standards, such as toga parties and decade themes. This keeps the party light.

Truth or Dare

Nearly everyone took part in truth or dare while growing up. The game was usually played in a circle in the middle of a room. On a party bus, the game completely evolves. Instead of being stuck in a room, the dares can go as far as you can travel. You can go running through a random restaurant or scream at the top of your lungs for the whole city to hear. While party buses do bring the party to wherever you\’re going, it\’s up to you and your friends to make the most of the experience.

Now that you know you want a party bus, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when actually renting the bus. The first thing to remember is that you want to stay within your budget. Party buses come in many different shapes and sizes and most companies can accommodate your needs. When utilizing limo services, you also want to have a good idea of how many people you\’re going to have at your party. You don\’t want to overwhelm the party bus with people, so it\’s good to cap off your party at a manageable amount of guests. The other thing to keep in mind is if there are any rules to drinking on the bus. Some bus companies may put a cap on how much you can drink on the bus, so it\’s important to know if you can bring your own alcohol and if there are any types of alcohol that are prohibited.

If you\’d like to rent a party bus for your special event, why not give us a call? Here at RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, we take pride in being able to offer our guests a fully catered experience, no matter what the party is. We have a wide array of vehicles for you to choose from and party buses are only a small portion of the field we work in. We offer rates by the day and by the hour, so we can be flexible with whatever you need. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your party or events transportation.

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