This Congressman Thinks His Dog, and Yours, Should be Allowed on Amtrak

[caption id="attachment_5555" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/ Associated Press[/caption] This is Lily, a 15-pound French bulldog that, like Socks the cat and Barney the Scottish terrier, has a powerful friend. Lily’s owner is Congressman Jeff Denham of California, and, like many other congressional pets, they often commute from their district to the District. One day, Rep. Denham was going to take an Amtrak to DC and discovered an Amtrak policy that prevented takin

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Traveling in the Cold

Breaking a 120 year low, the Washington-area has dipped into record freezing temperatures that could affect your travel. With expectations of continued bad weather, be sure to prepare for the worst while getting around or into the city. If you are planning on flying into the District sometime within the next two weeks, be sure to schedule your flight with caution, especially if you have to be somewhere on a deadline. Also, if you are driving, or even walking, watch out for ice. Too many people

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Chinese New Year: Technology and Travel

Think New Years is the absolute worst day to travel? Well, you’re right. But we're not talking about January 1, we're talking about today: February 19th. [caption id="attachment_5535" align="alignright" width="300"] Baidu / Associated Press[/caption] Every year, millions of city-dwellers in China—80 million traveled on Monday alone—will migrate out of the major cities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. According to  Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo, “You’re basically looking at the ser

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Kicking Your Valentine’s Day Up a Notch

This Valentine’s Day, prepare for some difficulties as thousands of suburban and city residents pour into the inner-city for dinner. If you're lucky,  you made your reservations weeks ago! Not to add any pressure, but Valentine’s Day is important, considering the Tuesday after is the busiest breakup day of the year. So this Saturday, don’t let the busy city distract you from your loved one. As a seasoned celebrator of the day of love, we are aware of the difficulties of keeping a date

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Newest In-Flight Accommodation: Virtual Reality?

Have you ever been on an airplane and thought that you’d rather be elsewhere? Well, a company called Qantas now has an answer. Partnering with Samsung, the Australian company launched a 360 degree experience with their new interactive headsets. Available in their first-class A380 service, Qantas is the first airline to offer in-flight virtual reality. With this advance in service, customers will be delighted to have access to their favorite Hollywood blockbusters from the popular tech company

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A New Way to Fly

Source: Imagine flying in an airplane without rubbing elbows with strangers, risking illness and bruises for your share of the armrest. Well, for those who are willing to splurge a little, then La Compagnie is the airline for you. La Compagnie, the all business class airline, serves to create a “boutique-style” flying experience.  From wine-tasting to usable tablets, this airline is set to make the long trip to Europe comfortable. Pre

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How Juno Cost the U.S. $230 Million

Those in much of the Northeast are still pondering how Winter Storm Juno caused so much paranoia, but never actualized into an “epic storm.” Despite the lighter than expected snowfall, the 48 hours the storm in the Northeast led to 7,500 canceled or delayed flights, totaling a whopping $230 million. Hype directly affects the lives of people and industries that rely on the media for news. With many individuals stuck in airports and trying to get back to their homes, many airports in the North

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A Look into Mumbai’s Newly Renovated Airport

Ranking as the 48th busiest airport in the world and as the 2nd busiest in India, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport unveiled renovations last year that sought to increase the comfort and aesthetic appeal for all travelers. Passenger Drop-off/Pick Up When entering this airport, the changes will immediately become apparent. Starting with a new passenger drop-off and pick up that has peacock inspired columns and an overhang that visually stuns passengers as they come and go. Source: A

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6 Reasons to Invest in Business Travel

With an increase of technology to connect companies and clients cheaply, why should business owners invest more in business travel for their company? Seeing that businesses spent a record amount on corporate travel in 2014, many successful businesses seem to already know. Here are 6 reasons that more business travel could give your company a competitive advantage: Business Travel Gets You Clients It’s just a fact. In-person meetings bring 50% of prospects in as customers (compared to 31% w

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Welcome to the New RMA Site!

As you may have noticed, RMA has gone through a little web renovation... welcome! RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is proud to present you with the new site, which has been redesigned to allow our customers better access to the wealth of information we have readily available about the 600+ locations we serve. In the new site, you will find: The types of services we offer: Corporate, Hourly, Airport & Train Transfers, Private Aviation, Meeting & Event Planning, On

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