United Club Lounges are Getting Better

Over the last ten years, a trend in airline accommodations has prevailed: higher costs for less amenities. From rising charges to smaller meals, your in-and-out-flight experience has deteriorated without so much an explanation. This is changing. With the advent of cheaper airline costs due to lower oil prices and better technology, fliers are starting to demand more out of airlines. With this, airlines are starting to invest more in passenger services (except for Spirit Airlines who totes being

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Bloody Sunday and Blood Sausages: The Travel Channel’s New Show “Breaking Borders”

Are you an avid traveler that is not so much into tourism? Do you often go to places unknown or unheard of by most of your friends and colleagues? Are you one to scarf down exotic food while hearing stories of struggle and woe (or watching the news)? Well, the Travel Channel has developed a series that might be for you. As a channel normally filled with superficial travel information, the Travel Channel surprised me with its new series Breaking Borders. The show, unlike any others before it,

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Which country will top the U.S. in business travel?

According to a recent article in CBS Money Watch, China is expected to top the United States in business travel by 2017. The Global Business Travel Association put out a report, sponsored by Visa, stating that despite China's cooling economy, their business travel spend still grew by 16.4 percent in 2014 to a whopping $261 billion. As for 2015, it's expected to grow another 14 percent, while a growth of 12 percent is expected in 2016. A GBTA executive stated, "There is simply no other market t

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The Apple Watch Will Change Travel

Apple made big news this weekend by releasing a new line of MacBooks and the new Apple Watch. Originally, I was baffled by the need for an Apple Watch (seriously, I thought we got rid of watches now cell phones made it easy to check time), but I am now in serious need of the new gadget. This big switch is for the facilitation of my travel needs that this accessory will provide, and the compatibility with my favorite apps. Not only will this watch keep time, but it will remind you of events or

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Four Stunning Photos of Niagara’s Frozen Falls

A year after the ‘Snowpocalypse,’ many believed that they would receive relief from the chill of winter. They were wrong. Again, this winter has been another catastrophe of coldness. The weather has left many, including myself, wondering why we even need winter. Sure, Christmas is great, but, starting December 26th, I am done. Luckily, visitors to Niagara Falls gave me hope in the beauty of winter that could last through this month. Though I still hope for the relief of a blossoming spring,

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Working Hard to Sell Travel

Have you ever thought about dropping everything and leaving for the beach during especially cold weather? Well, Ecuador is betting you will. During Super Bowl Sunday, Ecuador rolled out $3.8 million on a Beatles tuned, 30-second ad aimed to increase American tourism to the small, South American country. With a country of just 15.7 million, it’s hard to believe that a large sum of money would be spent on a single ad, but this is only part of a large-scale travel infrastructure improvement that

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This Congressman Thinks His Dog, and Yours, Should be Allowed on Amtrak

[caption id="attachment_5555" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/ Associated Press[/caption] This is Lily, a 15-pound French bulldog that, like Socks the cat and Barney the Scottish terrier, has a powerful friend. Lily’s owner is Congressman Jeff Denham of California, and, like many other congressional pets, they often commute from their district to the District. One day, Rep. Denham was going to take an Amtrak to DC and discovered an Amtrak policy that prevented takin

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Traveling in the Cold

Breaking a 120 year low, the Washington-area has dipped into record freezing temperatures that could affect your travel. With expectations of continued bad weather, be sure to prepare for the worst while getting around or into the city. If you are planning on flying into the District sometime within the next two weeks, be sure to schedule your flight with caution, especially if you have to be somewhere on a deadline. Also, if you are driving, or even walking, watch out for ice. Too many people

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Chinese New Year: Technology and Travel

Think New Years is the absolute worst day to travel? Well, you’re right. But we're not talking about January 1, we're talking about today: February 19th. [caption id="attachment_5535" align="alignright" width="300"] Baidu / Associated Press[/caption] Every year, millions of city-dwellers in China—80 million traveled on Monday alone—will migrate out of the major cities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. According to  Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo, “You’re basically looking at the ser

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Kicking Your Valentine’s Day Up a Notch

This Valentine’s Day, prepare for some difficulties as thousands of suburban and city residents pour into the inner-city for dinner. If you're lucky,  you made your reservations weeks ago! Not to add any pressure, but Valentine’s Day is important, considering the Tuesday after is the busiest breakup day of the year. So this Saturday, don’t let the busy city distract you from your loved one. As a seasoned celebrator of the day of love, we are aware of the difficulties of keeping a date

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