\”I amsterdam\”

Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is a can’t miss weekend destination when traveling in Europe! From the Heineken Brewery to the canal tours, this beautiful city is a must do.

  1. Heineken Brewery

The Heineken Brewery is one of Amsterdam’s biggest claims to fame. Walk throughout the brewery with various taste tests while guides to tell you about the company’s history and even provide interactive games to show everything that the brewery has to offer. Pro tip: buy your tickets online to skip the long line!

  1. Canal Tours

Canal tours can be found directly across the street as you exit the Heineken Brewery. But, if you would rather walk around after your brewery tour, it is quite easy to find another tour among the many canals throughout the city.

  1. Van Gough Museum

The Van Gough Museum is one of the top attractions in Amsterdam. Travel through the many stories of the museum and experience the incredible paintings and artwork of Van Gough.

  1. Anne Frank House

Rich in history, Amsterdam is home to the Frank family as they hid in a small annex during World War II. Upon entering, you are able to travel through the annex and see exactly how the family and a few of their friends lived while in hiding. Pro tip: The museum opens at 9 a.m. and it is highly recommended to get there before opening to avoid lines!

  1. “I AMSTERDAM” sign

This iconic sign if known for the best of the best of tourist pictures in Amsterdam. After taking plenty of selfies, take a short walk to Bakers and Roasters—the most amazing brunch spot in all of Amsterdam!

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