Eating Your Way Through Summertime Paris

If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris this summer, good for you. Skies are blue and the whole city looks like a movie set. It’s magical. But, before you line up for the restaurant in the Eifel Tower or something along the Champs-Elysee, it’s worth trying some local Parisian haunts. Plan your day right and each meal shouldn’t cost more than 10 euros. Breakfast Au P’tit Grec – 6 euros for a steaming cone of cheesy deliciousness. Be sure to order at least something with ham in it. And

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Why Cultural Whiplash is the Biggest Danger in Cairo

Before the Arab Spring, Egypt would host 12 million tourists per year. Now the number is down to less than 2 million. This statistic is not meant to scare, but to offer an opportunity. Prices are cheaper than ever and there’s few tourists to ruin your photos or clog up lines. Post revolution is the time to go see Cairo. [caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tahrir Square[/caption] Because the Cairo government isn’t 100% stable yet, it’s best to hire a guide. While

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Five of the Best Airports to Have A Layover

[caption id="attachment_5693" align="alignleft" width="300"] Changi Airport[/caption] Business travel can be a drag. Long lines, delays and bad food are just a few of the reasons traveling can be exhausting. Because of this, some airports really upped their game in terms of the quality of service they provide to those who pass through their airports to make traveling across the world just a little bit better. See the list below of five of the best airports to have a layover in. Singapore Chan

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Weird and Wonderful Suzhou

China is unique . It's wonderful and wild and so incredibly different from the United States. There is an outrageous amount of fireworks and grilled animal parts on sticks. It’s impossible to fully dive deep into China. There’s too much. But, for a healthy dose, go to Suzhou. Seventy miles outside of Shanghai lies what Marco Polo termed the “Venice of the East”. Suzhou, China (pronounced Soo-zho) is a popular day trip, but deserves more time than it’s so often allotted. It’s known f

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3 Reasons Why The TSA Needs To Get Its Act Together

There’s a lot that’s frustrating about traveling. Getting seats by the bathroom. Crying children. Missed connections. But, by far, the most universally irritating is dealing with security. Waiting in line for 3 hours to get  patted down is no one’s idea of a good time. So, with everyone having so much exposure to these fine folks, what do they actually do? The Transportation Security Association (TSA) is a self-regulated agency under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security. It

“The Mind of a Chef”

Have you ever decided to go somewhere, but were worried whether or not you would like the food? When you're in a foreign country, do you find yourself leaning towards the easily recognizable McDonalds you just passed by?Well, before trolling Travelocity’s forums for the best non-offensively, dietary friendly foods, I would suggest you try something else. I would look through the chef’s eyes. Anthony Bourdain has fairly eschewed the title of “Celebrity Chef”. He doesn’t belong with th

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Traveling to Jordan: A First-Hand Experience

By: Savannah Hughes Before leaving for Amman, Jordan, my grandparents sent me a barrage of articles with alarming headlines. "TERRORISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST." "ISIS BOMBING ARAB NEIGHBORS." "SYRIA HAS BEEN SET A BLAZE." According to certain American media publications, the Middle East is one giant war crime where your neighbor either wears a niqab or a Kalashnikov. While getting these links with a “Love, Grandpa” at the end was disconcerting, I knew they were sent with the best of intentions.

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The Helicopter Taxi

If you find yourself in a pinch to get to the airport, and you’ve had secret embarrassing wish to become Batman; you are in luck. A new app just launched: Gotham Air. Hopping on to the ride sharing bandwagon, Gotham Air launched in New York earlier this year. Users can book a helicopter online less than an hour in advance via a slick looking app. While there is no roadside pick-up, all you have to do is get to a designated Manhattan helipad with you and up to five friends. From there, it can

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Tips to Reduce Business Travel Risks

[caption id="attachment_5657" align="alignleft" width="300"] (Shutterstock/rawpixel)[/caption] Business travel has risks for both companies and employees. There is a lot that goes into safety procedures that many employees are unaware of. As a head of an organization, there are certain safeguards you need to ensure are in place to make certain that not only your employees are safe, but also that your company is protected in case something unpredictable happens. issue

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The Latest in In-Flight Entertainment

As technology continues to innovate, business of all sorts are making much-needed changes to their industry to adapt to this changing environment. The most recent industry to do this is airlines. Over the past few years, the airline industry has worked to take steps to integrate more and more technological advances to create a better customer experience. Starting with in-plane wi-fi to video streaming services, airlines are understanding that in today's world there is more than just price that

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