Mountains and Coffee

Looking to take a vacation without completely breaking the bank? Have a major love for coffee? There just might be a place for you. (Hint: It’s the home of Starbucks, hipsters and rainy days)

Seattle. It’s a diverse and eclectic place filled with things to do and places to see.   It started out as a dense forest and over time has morphed into something so much more. The roots in nature still exist today—Seattle is as green and as beautiful as ever. But there’s now more to absorb when visiting this northwestern city.

\"seattle2\"First task: Can you find the best coffee? In a city where Starbucks reared its delicious head, there are more coffee shops to know what to do with. The people of Seattle love their morning cup of joe! Obviously, visiting the first-ever Starbucks is a must. One of the largest coffee chains in the world shows how unique it really is with its less-corporate décor and charm. The line tends to get long though—so get your first cup early!

Another must-see is the Space Needle—one of Seattle’s most identifying features. Ride to the top and get a birds-eye view of the city, it’s sure not to disappoint (That is, unless you have a fear of heights. Then you can just admire it from the ground). The Space Needle also has a luxurious restaurant at the top, so make sure to save room after all of that coffee!

The Olympic Sculpture park really shows tourists what Seattle is all about—art and innovation. Modern art fills the waterfront park that looks over the Puget Sound. It’s a great place to relax, take in some art and Seattle’s natural beauty.

We can’t give away all of Seattle’s secrets, though. You’re going to have to check this one out for yourself!

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