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Board of Directors in Richmond, VA

Reliable Transportation for Board Meetings and Directors in Richmond VA

RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation offers solutions for directors, global heads, and busy CEOs. We provide the safest and most secure ground chauffeured transportation available, working in tandem with your executive administrator.  

We are conscious of the demanding schedules you oversee in Richmond, Virginia, where every second matters. For this reason, RMA Worldwide provides the greatest ground transportation services available to guarantee that your executive never skips a meeting or, worse, has trouble navigating the city. To help, we will take care of all your ground transportation needs and provide the following options to ensure the success of the ground transportation for your executive.

Diverse Fleet to Choose From

For any party visiting Richmond, Virginia, there is plenty of space in our huge fleet of automobiles. RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation can fulfill your requirements for a single passenger car or an SUV large enough to accommodate three people and their bulky luggage. When a sizable group of people needs to be transported at once, we also provide big capacity trucks. Sprinters and coaches, which are larger cars with more seats, are the ideal choice for multiple long trips at once. We are aware that, since the majority of passengers may be traveling from different regions of the world and may need to board separate aircraft, passengers may require smaller vehicles for arrivals and departures at airports in Richmond, Virginia.

Professional and Reliable Chauffeurs

In addition, we exclusively collaborate with chauffeurs who have passed the most rigorous screening procedures in the business. Our chauffeurs have received extensive training in operating as your personal ground transportation concierge, city navigation, and customer service. Our group of knowledgeable chauffeurs has a plethora of expertise operating their specific vehicle and is constantly growing. The chauffeurs of the larger cars are licensed with a CDL. Every chauffeur receives intensive training, and they are all background checked, health-checked, and security-screened.

Give us a call to find out more at 804-408-4914 or 301-231-6555.

24/7 Online Flexible Reservation System

If you’re looking for premium transportation for boarding meetings and Directors, RMA is here for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to reserve your exceptional transit service today!

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