JFK changes travel with bone-shaped pools and “pawdicures”

John F. Kennedy International Airport is about to revolutionize the travel industry. Not because they pissed off their contractors so much that they briefly went on strike a few weeks ago. Nor because Nate Silver’s blog, FiveThirtyEight, recently ranked it as the second slowest major airport in the USA. Instead, they are doing something so much better.

They’re making a doggie terminal.

\"dogsThe New York Post recently reported that JFK is investing $48 million in an ARK terminal which caters exclusively to the handling and shipping of animals. And they aren’t holding back with amenities. Your precious pooch could splash around in a bone shaped pool and then get a “pawdicure”. Cats could spend their layover in a specially made jungle filled with climbing trees. These cats will even get a special view of the aquariums, just to remind them where they belong on the food chain.

For those traveling with less domestic animals, ARK has specially designated spaces for horses, cows and the like. Horse lovers will be happy to know that they are putting in special, hoof-friendly flooring. Just in case your hoofed homies are sick, there will be a 24 hour veterinary clinic run by Cornell University staff.

If you have to stay in New York for a day or so, you can check your pet into the pet hotel, Paradise 4 Paws. For those of you that love your pets like you would love your own children, this hotel offers a “top-dog suite” that goes for around $100 per night. Your four-legged love muffin will get a human sized bed, a flat screen television and a bedside photo of you, too “to make your pet feel even more at home”.

Does this seem totally frivolous and ridiculous? Yes. But so are Christmas sweaters for dogs, and you don’t see that stopping suburban moms.

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