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Do you have a special event coming up for which you need a limousine? Perhaps a wedding or prom? Or do you simply need reliable luxury travel services for an executive function or to an airport? If so, a limo service could be the right choice for you. When most people think of limo services, they imagine stretch limousines, but the truth is that most limo services have a wide variety of vehicles to meet every need and budget. Below is everything you need to know about choosing a limousine and booking one online.

Why a Limo Service Instead of a Ride Share

In recent years, rideshare services have boomed in popularity. It\’s easy to see why rideshare services are appealing. You get on your phone, order a car, and within a short bit of time, a chauffeur is there to pick you up. However, there are a few reasons why a ridesharing service may not be right for your need.


Ridesharing apps are completely dependent on how many chauffeurs are out working at any given time. If there aren\’t many chauffeurs working, there aren\’t many rides available. You may have to wait a long time to get a ride or may not be able to get a ride at all. With limo services, you book the car in advance and can be absolutely certain that the car will be waiting for you at the designated time. There\’s no uncertainty in the process.

Car Quality

With a ridesharing service, you really don\’t know what kind of car you will get. It could be small. It could be dirty. It may not meet your needs. Some ridesharing services offer luxury levels, but there\’s no guarantee that the car is actually a luxury vehicle. If you want to ride somewhere in style, you want to know that the car will meet your expectations. With limo services, you pick the car and you can have certainty that it will be clean and that it will meet your expectations.

Price Certainty

The other big issue with ridesharing services is that the prices are unpredictable. Pricing for a ride is based on supply and demand. If there is more supply than demand at a given time, prices could surge. Again, that is not the case with limo services. You lock in a price when you make the reservation. The price is the price. It will not change or fluctuate based on supply and demand. You will know exactly how much the ride will cost.

Fun and Luxury

Let\’s face it. A stretch limo, stretch SUV, or party bus is much more than a standard ridesharing car. Even for a small event, like a date night with your spouse, an executive town car can add a touch of luxury that you won\’t get with a stranger\’s car. If you want to make the event extra special, a limo service is a way to go.

Types of Limousines

One of the most fun parts of booking a limo is choosing your car. Most limo services offer a wide range of types of vehicles for different occasions. There are traditional stretch limos, executive town cars, party buses, and more. Read on to learn which type is right for your event.

Executive Sedans

Executive sedans are perfect for a trip to a meeting, transportation to the airport, or simply traveling around town during the workday. These luxury vehicles are usually smaller than traditional limousines. They sit two to four people in the back and have business features like reading lamps, speaker phones, wifi, and more.

Luxury Vans

Have a large group that needs transportation? A luxury van may be the right choice. These large vans usually have room for up to 12 people plus luggage. They come with luxury features like leather seating, built-in coolers, top-level sound systems, and much more. They\’re perfect for taking a large group to the airport, shuttling between meetings, or even a group outing or sightseeing trip.

Stretch Limousines

No limo service would be complete without the classic stretch limo. This is the car to book when you want to arrive in style. It\’s a great option for a special night out. For instance, a stretch limo is often booked for teenagers going to prom or homecoming. They\’re often used at weddings to transport the bride and groom and their party to the reception and back to the hotel. They come in a variety of sizes and have features like leather bench seating, built-in coolers, windows between the chauffeur and passengers, and much more.

Stretch SUVs

A stretch SUV is similar to a stretch limo in that it can fit a large group of people for a special event like a wedding or prom. A stretch SUV is great when you want the features and functions of a stretch limousine, but with a modern twist. Choose a stretch SUV when you want to make an impression and create a memorable evening.

Party Buses

The party bus is perfect when you have a large group that is ready to have a good time. These buses can hold 15 or more people and have fun features like dancing poles, coolers, smoke machines, changing lights, and much more. You also may be able to bring your own drinks onboard. This is a perfect option for a bachelor or bachelorette party or similar events.

Questions to Ask a Limo Service

Renting a limousine isn\’t a complicated process, but you definitely want to make sure you get it right. The right car or vehicle can enhance your experience and maximize your enjoyment of the big day. Below are a few questions to ask limo services as you research your options. Be sure to talk to a few companies and get multiple quotes to find the perfect ride for your big event.

What is the Minimum Time for the Vehicle?

Most limo services have minimum amounts of time for each vehicle. These minimum amounts usually vary by vehicle. For an executive town car, the minimum may only be an hour to allow for quick rides to the airport. For something large like a party bus, you may need to rent it for as long as four hours, possibly even longer. Keep in mind that you will pay for the minimum amount of time for the car, even if you use it for less time. Be sure you know the minimums before booking the reservation.

Will the Driver Only be Driving You During the Time Block?

If you rent a traditional limo, stretch SUV, party bus, or other larger vehicle for an evening, the chauffeur will likely be dedicated to you the entire time. That means as soon as you need the vehicle, you text the chauffeur and they are there within minutes to pick you up. However, if you are renting an executive town car, it\’s possible that they could make other rides between your dropoff and pickup. It\’s important to know your chauffeur\’s schedule so you know when they will be able to pick you up and drop you off at another location. If you need them dedicated to you and on-call, let the limo service know.

What are the Possible Additional Fees?

When you book your limo, you will get a quote for the block of time and you may be asked to pay a deposit. However, it\’s possible there could be other fees that aren\’t included in the quote. For instance, if you go over your allotted time, you may have to pay more in fees. If you make the chauffeur wait for an extended period, there could be fees. There could also be fees for excessive cleaning, damage, and more. Get a list of possible expenses so you know what you may have to pay.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is an important question to answer because not all limo services are the same. Anyone can buy a few cars and put them online. You want to be sure that your limo service is reputable, that the cars are well maintained, and that they will fulfill their end of the agreement. Ask how long they have been in business and if they have any references. Be sure to check on their licenses and insurance. If they don\’t have a long record of renting limousines, you may want to check with another service.

How to Book a Limo Online

In the past, most limo services took reservations over the phone. In fact, according to operators, 90% of limousine reservations are still made over the phone. However, many limo services now take reservations online. The process is pretty simple. You just head to the website of your preferred limo service. Most companies should have their fleet online so you can check out the various vehicles. Put in your preferred date so you can see the availability of certain cars. You may also need to answer questions about how many people will be in the vehicles, how long you will need the car, and the activity you are using it for. Once you choose a vehicle, you will likely be offered a quote and a deposit amount. Pay the deposit and book the limo and you\’re all set! You will likely receive communications and instructions as your date gets closer. On the desired date and time, the chauffeur will be at your door to pick you up for the big event.

Tips to Enjoy Your Limo Service

Having a limo for the day or the evening is a fun experience, but there are steps you can take to make it even more enjoyable. Below are a few tips to help you and your chauffeur get the most out of the experience.

Ask About Drinks Upfront

Most limo services allow passengers to bring drinks onboard the vehicle, but not all do. Be sure to ask upfront. The answer may depend on your state\’s laws. However, your chauffeur will appreciate you checking ahead of time. They will likely let you know what is allowed and is not allowed so you can party the right way when you\’re in the limousine.

Respect the Vehicle and the Driver

Most limo chauffeurs love their job because they get to help people have a good time and create memorable experiences. However, remember that when you are in the limo, you are in their space. Respect the vehicle and the chauffeur just as you would if you were visiting someone\’s home. If you are respectful, your chauffeur will likely do everything they can to make sure you and your guests have a great experience.

Communicate with the Driver About Your Plans

Communication is key with a limo, especially if you\’re making multiple stops. If you\’re part of a large group, it\’s wise to designate one person as the primary contact for the chauffeur. Let the chauffeur know how long you plan on being in certain stops. If your plans change, text them and let them know. This will let them better plan for where to park while they are waiting for you so they can be there to pick you up quickly.

Clean Up After Yourself

A night in a limo or party bus can be a great experience. The last thing you want is to wake up the next morning to a surprise fee because of how you left the vehicle. Make sure you and your guests clean up after yourselves before exiting the limo. A good idea is to clean up regularly throughout the night so there\’s not much to be done at the end. Keep a garbage bag ready for cans, bottles, food, or other trash.

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