How a Chauffeur Can Save Your Life

Every year in the United States, there are over 5 million car accidents. Unfortunately, many of those accidents result in fatalities. The road can be a very dangerous place to be. Chauffeured car services are a convenience that can save your life. Chauffeured car services are a must-have for your next event. You can ride in comfort, enjoy the event, and stay safe. Here is how chauffeured car services can be life-saving.

The Statistics That Matter

According to the Department of Transportation, there are over 31,000 fatalities every year from car accidents, with hundreds of thousands of people seriously injured. Several risk factors have been identified that contribute to car accidents, including but not limited to high speeds, distracted driving, and driving under the influence. If you have ever been late to the party, you understand how going a bit over the speed limit is something that many people find themselves doing on the way to an event. Of course, if the event venue location is not well-known to you as you are driving, there is plenty to be distracted by, like your GPS, calling friends to find out their ETA, etc.

Of course, no one intends to drive under the influence. However, many of us often do because we don\’t have other options or have not made other arrangements. A professional chauffeured car service can avoid all these accident risk factors. Statistically speaking, you are more inclined to get into an accident when you are stressed, in a hurry, or not paying attention. Getting to a venue for an event qualifies as a trigger for being stressed, in a hurry, and not paying attention. It can be overwhelming when you are responsible for transportation for your group and try to manage it independently.

It Doesn’t Have to Be You

Perhaps you are cool, calm, and collected when you drive. You don\’t partake in adult libations. You feel confident you can make it to the event without hiccups. You always keep your eyes on the road. However, you can\’t control what other chauffeurs do. No matter how committed you are to driving safely, you never know who you may encounter on the road and their take on safe driving. Just being on the road with other chauffeurs is a risk factor for car accidents.

A professional chauffeur through chauffeured car services is highly trained in defensive driving tactics. It is their job to gauge other chauffeurs\’ next moves. They can quickly move out of harm\’s way. They follow the best safety practices to ensure you stay out of harm\’s way. A professional car service makes passenger safety a priority. They ensure all their chauffeurs are highly trained and have a high safety record. Drivers are vetted fully to ensure that passengers can sit back and relax without worrying about safety.

Reliable Transportation

You have likely heard horror stories about people on their way to an event and a tire blows out, or their vehicle overheats, causing them to get stuck on the side of the road missing out on all the fun. The beauty of hiring a chauffeured car service is that the transportation is reliable. If something happens, a new car will be right there to keep you moving along to the event.

While you can\’t control every risk factor at your event, you can control how you get to and from the event and control the risk that transportation will fail you. A professional car service with professional chauffeurs is the most reliable option for transportation to and from your event.

The right company ensures that their vehicles are clean and well-maintained. They don\’t put vehicles on the road that are unsafe or in need of repair. Each chauffeur is given a checklist and visually inspects the vehicle before heading out to pick you and your group up. Tries, brakes, fluids, lights, and functions are all checked before the vehicle pulls out.

You won\’t have to worry about sitting on the side of the road (which is a safety risk) waiting for a tow truck and trying to find your way to the event. Vehicle breakdowns happen all the time and usually happen at the most inconvenient time. You can avoid the risk by using a car service. Reliable transportation through chauffeured car services is essential to enjoying the event.

Stress Free Experience

There is a lot of planning that goes into any event, whether it is a prom, a wedding, a day at the vineyards, or another event, there is a lot of effort that goes into planning. Making chauffeured car services a part of the plan will take some of the stress out of the event. Hiring a professional car service can eliminate worry about safety, how much you can drink, or dealing with traffic, timing, and other problems.

Being able to have the car pick you up where you want at the time you specify will make it easier to ensure you get to the event on time. Instead of worrying about where to park when you get there or battling traffic along the way, you will have the time you need to relax before you get to the event. It is a stress-free process.

We also know that when we are driving or stressed, it is easy to take a wrong turn or not pay attention to the traffic lights. Of course, stress driving can end badly. A chauffeured car service takes the worry out of getting to the event and getting home safely.

Fighting Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is a risk factor for an accident. You may be thinking, how could sitting still be a risk factor for an accident? That is a valid question. When you are sitting in traffic, everyone is stressed. No one wants to sit in traffic. Other chauffeurs may make risky moves hoping to circumvent the traffic and get a couple of car lengths ahead.

It is not unusual for fender benders to occur in high-traffic situations. As tempers rise, so does the risk of accidents. Everyone needs to get somewhere, which can lead to some risk-taking to be on time. Unfortunately, car accidents are common in traffic situations.

Of course, road rage is also sparked in these situations, which can spiral out of control. Arguments, fights, and other incidents have been widely reported in traffic situations. Chauffeurs have the training to avoid traffic situations, including avoiding road rage situations.

You can avoid all the problems that are associated with sitting in traffic, including personal safety risks, by hiring chauffeured car services to get you to and from your event. A chauffeur can be a lifesaver in these situations.

Driving Under the Influence

According to Safe Home, there are about 309 DUI arrests per day for every 100,000 people. Driving under the influence is one of the greatest risk factors for a car accident. If you and your group plan on driving yourselves to an event, someone needs to be a designated chauffeur. That means whoever is designated can\’t fully immerse themselves in the event.

Unfortunately, the designated chauffeur will not have as many endearing memories of the event because they will need to focus on getting everyone home. Which one of the people in your group wants to stay sober and drive friends around? You will be hard-pressed to sign up volunteers. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves fully at the event. No one really wants to take responsibility for transportation.

The police are very serious about DUI (driving under the influence). Police often set up checkpoints in areas they know events are being held that may involve alcohol. They also patrol these areas heavily to catch people that have been drinking and driving. It is a tremendous public safety issue, and the police are very proactive about keeping chauffeurs off the road after they have been drinking.

The beauty of hiring chauffeured car services is that you and your entire group can enjoy the event, drink as much as you would like, and not worry about safety issues getting home or DUI charges. Of course, you eliminate the risk of causing a car accident and potential personal injury. A chauffeur can save your life after a night on the town by ensuring you and your group get home safely without incident. It is the responsible choice.

Everyone Can Travel Together

Transportation to and from an event can be a part of the event when you hire a professional car service. Instead of everyone traveling separately and arriving at different times, you can all arrive at the same time and start the party on the way to the event. Traveling together as a group is part of the fun.

We all have been in situations where we are waiting for parts of our group to arrive at the event. When everyone travels together, the fun can start on time every time. You can avoid event start time delays and the stress and aggravation that comes with it by traveling as a group. It is a safer way to ensure everyone gets there on time.

Besides increased safety, you also get to make the trip to the event location part of the fun. You can ride comfortably, catch up with each other, and discuss event plans. No one will have to worry about anyone in the group running into problems along the way. You will all be safe and together when you hire a car service for your event.

After the Event

We have talked a lot about getting to the event and staying safe with a professional chauffeur\’s help. Let\’s look at some of the ways chauffeured car services can save your life on the way home from the event.

Once the excitement is over and you are on your way home, there will be one overreaching theme for everyone in your group. You will all be very tired; even if you didn\’t have an alcoholic beverage during the event, you will be exhausted. The excitement, the anticipation, and, of course, the event itself can be exhausting in a good way, but exhausting, nonetheless.

According to the Department of Transportation, about 12% of all auto accidents are fatigue-related. That means that the chauffeur that caused the accident was tired. Driving while you are fatigued is much like driving while drunk. According to the DOT, reaction times are slowed, concentration is difficult, and making bad driving decisions are all common occurrences when chauffeurs are tried.

It is a pleasure to walk out of the event and find your chauffeur waiting for you. You can take the nap you need on the way home or sit back, relax, and chat about the event with your group. Having a chauffeur waiting for you makes the event complete. It is a safer option and can be lifesaving when you are tired.

You will be glad that you don\’t have to get behind the wheel of the car to drive home after your event. The perfect end to the perfect event is arriving home safely and being able to talk about the event the next day.

Travel in Comfort and Style

There is an element of being driven to an event that is very impressive to other eventgoers. Pulling up to the event in a late model vehicle with a chauffeur behind the wheel is a nod to the importance of the event, and it elevates your arrival. Chauffeured car services are a perfect solution to make your special event truly special and to make an unforgettable entrance.

A car service with a chauffeur is ideal for any situation where you want to make the right impression, have safe and reliable transportation, and truly want to enjoy the ride. The perfect event experience starts with first-class reliable transportation focused on passenger safety.

Take the safer route to your next event, which also happens to be the most comfortable way to travel by car. Learn more about your transportation options today by calling to speak with a coordinator. RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is here for you whenever you need us. Contact us today for more information about our offered chauffeured car services and vehicles.

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