Five of the Best Airports to Have A Layover


Business travel can be a drag. Long lines, delays and bad food are just a few of the reasons traveling can be exhausting. Because of this, some airports really upped their game in terms of the quality of service they provide to those who pass through their airports to make traveling across the world just a little bit better. See the list below of five of the best airports to have a layover in.

  1. Singapore Changi – Changi is insane. It was ranked as the world’s best airport in 2014 by World Airport Awards. There’s free movie theaters, a butterfly garden, a rooftop pool and a free xBox and Playstation 3 game center. For those travelers who are tired from being stuck in a tiny metal flying tube and are now stuck in an airport, Changi offers 6 different nature trails and a 27 foot waterfall. Changi’s airport was built for passenger’s comfort in mind. Hair and beauty services, live music, excellent napping services, showers and a 24 hour gym are all scattered throughout the terminals. All considered, Changi isn’t the worst place to get stuck in.
  2. London Heathrow – If Singapore Changi is for entertaining kids (Free xBox!) then Heathrow is for shopping business travelers. In Terminal 5, you can find personal shoppers. Fun Fact: Thomas Pink will even steam and iron your new suit and package it for your flight. Just in case you want to shop yourself, there’s an 11,000 square foot Harrods to meander around, too.
  3. Amsterdam Schiphol – By far, the most impressive thing about Schiphol is the culture. Schiphol has been in the same spot for just about 100 years and has managed to soak up all of the Dutch art and literature it can get. There’s the world’s first airport library. Also, you can visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for free and see artists like Jan Steen and Ferdinand Bol.
  4. Hong Kong International – Hong Kong International is another excellent airport for business travel. If you’re aching for fresh air, head towards the 24/7 hour golf course. It’s a US Golf Association standards, nine-hole course. But if golf isn’t your game, you can always go to the largest IMAX screen in Hong Kong. For kids, there’s a Playstation Gameway with enough PSPs and PS3s for the most voracious of gamers.  And if that wasn’t enough, Vice President Joe Biden visited and said Hong Kong International made LaGuardia look like “some third world country”.
  5. \"Dubai

    Dubai International – UAE associated travel has long been the gold standard. Emirates is legendary, but the airport raises the bar. At Dubai International, you can walk through over 58,000 square feet of duty free space to shop to your heart’s delight. If outrageously large bags of chocolate aren’t your thing, there are stands where you can purchase solid gold bars. And if your feet are getting a little tired, head over to one of the spas and get the dead skin eaten off your feet by tiny little fish. (Which is so much better than it sounds, depending on how ticklish you are.)

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