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Chauffeured Transportation for Executives & Essential Workers

As the calendar has turned to 2021, and as more Covid-19 vaccines are distributed to the public, companies must now take the time to deliberate on their return-to-work strategy for their employees. While the effectiveness of the vaccine is promising, there is still an inherent risk in your employees travelling via public transportation. By contracting a professional service to perform “last-mile” transportation needs, you can mitigate that risk and extend the employee only bubble.

Case Study

For employees working or living in large cities, traveling to work can create a unique challenge as driving themselves is not always an option, and public transportation can cause concern of exposure. RMA Worldwide was contracted by a large company based in New York City, to implement a “last-mile” shuttle to pick up employees from Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. By utilizing our fleet of buses, this allowed the company to get the most seats they could, while enforcing social distancing practices. Employees avoid exposure by avoiding local public transportation, which may not be cleaned after each trip or where social distancing could prove difficult, thus creating a safer transfer.

 Chauffeured Transportation for Executives & Essential Workers

Chauffeured transportation services offer significant benefits. These services keep employees off public transportation, reducing the chance of COVID-19 infection. This might prove especially beneficial to corporations.

RMA’s transportation services can also provide safe transportation for essential workers that must report to work at a specific time. RMA can pick-up multiple employees and drop them off at commuter lots. RMA chauffeurs and dispatchers monitor traffic and road conditions to determine the best route for travel. This ensures essential workers make it safely to work on time, regardless of traffic.

 Keeping Travelers Safe

RMA Worldwide Transportation offers a safe and effective solution for shuttling employees to and from work. RMA’s shuttle service reduces the chance of COVID-19 infection by eliminating the number of strangers that workers are exposed to during their daily commute. RMA is available any time of day and can help with last minute transportation when needed.

RMA Worldwide Transportation cares about the health and safety of our chauffeurs and clients. We have implemented several safety measures to help prevent the spread of disease. Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized using electrostatic disinfecting sprayers. These sprayers reach more areas than other cleaning methods and provide effective virus protection. In addition to disinfecting sprayers, our chauffeurs continuously wipe down high touch surfaces like seats, door handles, and other touch points between journeys.

While passengers will still receive the same quality care from our professionally trained chauffeurs, we’ve made a few adjustments to help prevent the spread of disease. All of our chauffeurs wear face coverings and disposable gloves. During the Public Health Emergency, handshakes have been temporarily replaced with a friendly greeting.

While traveling, it’s important that passengers wear a face covering as required by the Federal mask mandate for transportation. Our chauffeurs will provide disposable face coverings for travelers on request.

As workers resume travel, employers could benefit from implementing a well-planned transportation program. A back to work travel and transportation program ensures workers arrive at the office on time. It also helps keep workers safe by reducing the spread of disease. This benefits everyone visiting the workplace.

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