Eating Your Way Through Summertime Paris

If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris this summer, good for you. Skies are blue and the whole city looks like a movie set. It’s magical. But, before you line up for the restaurant in the Eifel Tower or something along the Champs-Elysee, it’s worth trying some local Parisian haunts. Plan your day right and each meal shouldn’t cost more than 10 euros.

Au P’tit Grec – 6 euros for a steaming cone of cheesy deliciousness. Be sure to order at least something with ham in it. And if you’re feeling ambitious, because the portions are huge, try a Nutella crepe. Licking the chocolate off your fingers is totally okay. After, go amble around the Jardin du Luxembourg

A\"paris Light Snack
Café Angelina – If you’re having a lazy Sunday and want to feel a little fancy, head over to the Café Angelina. The goal here isn’t to order an entire meal. Instead, indulge in the hot chocolate. Cafe Angelina boasts of an old fashioned “African” hot chocolate and it is one hundred percent worth the 8 euros. If you’re willing to go wild, check out their dessert menu. The macarons are to die for.

Lunch Time
Falafel from L’As du Fallfel – It costs just 6 euros to have a Lenny Kravitz endorsed lunch. Stand outside with a small receipt and in less time than you know it, you will have a warm and crunchy and delicious falafel in hand. In order to have the ultimate Parisian experience, find a bench along the Sei\"parisne and chow down.

A Traditional Dinner
Chartier- A historic brasserie in the heart of Paris. The Bouillon Chartier is over 100 years old and has heartily embraced its Parisian roots. Enter the massive dining room and check out the menu. Nothing should be over 10 euros. What to order? Close your eyes and point. Each dish is a mouthwatering trip into historical Parisian cuisine.

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