Eating Your Way Through Barcelona

Barcelona, known for its nightlife, beautiful beaches and even better food, is without a doubt, one of the most amazing cities to visit in Europe. Upon traveling there, it is nearly impossible to have a meal that you won’t spend the next few hours drooling over. Whether it\’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or treating yourself to dessert, you simply cannot go wrong wherever you go. Below, find some of the top restaurants in Barcelona that you will not regret visiting.

To start, brunch is how those from Barcelona begin their day in the best way. For the ultimate brunch, make sure to visit Brunch & Cake. For other options that are similar to Brunch & Cake, visit Cup & Cake Tallers, Cup & Cake, Travel & Cake, Brunchelona, or Brunch and Cake by the Sea for incredible views. For an American lunch, try Milk!

After brunch, a late lunch will definitely be on your agenda. Many restaurants in Barcelona close around noon so that owners can take a short siesta–so make sure you plan accordingly. For a beautiful lunch on the water, be sure to go to the Surf House.  This is a great location to entertain corporate guests for lunch or dinner. Here, the smoothies are made with fresh fruit and their coconut drinks are to die for! Their quinoa salads are amazing as well. Other options for lunch are La Tagliatella and Rosa Negra (also great dinner options).

Between your late lunch and dinner, you will be ready or a quick treat! For your ultimate pastry delight, Choc is your destination and can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Barcelona is known for both its pastries and desserts that area all simply mouth-watering. Be sure to try their mini doughnuts, too!

Finally, it’s time for you to go to dinner. If you are in Barcelona even just for a weekend, you must try paella. Paella is made of white rice, green beans, chicken, white beans, snails, various seafood and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary. Often cooked over a large grill or oven top, paella is delicious and famous to Spain. Along with your paella, you must try sangria–a drink made with wine and fresh fruit! The best restaurant for this is Barcloneta, located in the heart of Barcelona. If you are not up for a dinner as filling as paella, you can try tapas. Tapas is a bunch of smaller, appetizer-sized meals that are made to share for those who are at dinner together. Keep in mind, dinner in Spain is served much later than it is in the United States, at about eight or nine pm. (If you are traveling, to maintain proper oral health, be sure to brush your teeth as soon as you can. You don\’t want a dental emergency on the road). To end your day of eating delight, walk along La Rambla Boulevard. Here, you\’ll find all sorts of entertainment, shopping and lots of nightlife.

There are so many decadent places to eat in Spain, and these are just an appetizer for the amount of amazing places to get food. Have you been to Spain? Where are some of your favorite places to eat?

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