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We all know Alaska as the notoriously cold, oil-filled, snowy, no-one-knows-too-much-about-it state. But one thing about Alaska that few people know is the popularity of its cruises. You may be wondering why one would want to go on a cruise in Alaska, of all places? First, Alaska is the United States’ biggest state, and very little people will actually travel to Alaska in their lifetime (so, going to Alaska makes you unique). Second, there are dozens of sights to see in Alaska that you have to experience firsthand—pictures do not do these snowy wonders justice. Going on a cruise is the perfect way to see this vast, historical and beautiful state all in one week.

\"rma2\"During the summer, temperatures in Alaska average at about 65 degrees. Now this isn’t too warm, but it isn’t too cold either. It’s the perfect weather for some relaxation and appreciation of all things Alaska. Traveling June-August is your best bet for good weather. Although many boats are booked to capacity around this time, it is still the perfect time to cruise around Alaska because you won\’t be reaching for your jacket during the day (dressing in layers is key, though). Other than mild-to-warm temperatures, there are a slew of reasons to visit Alaska this summer.

The sights you can see on an Alaskan cruise are irreplaceable. From glorious glaciers to salmon and bears and the highest mountain peak in America, there is no shortage of beauty to be seen on these trips. Make sure to try and see any or all of Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, Icy Strait Point, the city of Sitka and the ports of Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau. These will show you the true beauty of Alaska.

Ships that cruise around Alaska can range from ships of 300 to 3,000, so make sure you choose the itinerary and size that’s right for you. Disney also has Alaskan cruises that are perfect for families. So check out which cruise line is right for you and get ready to see some breathtaking sunsets, glaciers and even a whale or two.

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