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The sharing economy has become a political issue. Uber’s extensive problems have been well covered in the press. It’s even popped up during the presidential election, with candidates on both sides of the aisle commenting on the issue.

But what if we brought the sharing economy sky high?

Beacon promises an all-you-can-fly package for $2,000 a month. With just 15 minutes notice, you can guarantee your seat on a flight from New York to Boston. They offer seasonal flights to Nantucket and the Hamptons as well.

This is an all-inclusive service. After booking on an app or with a concierge, Beacon staff arranges taxis to and from your airports. You don’t have to go through TSA’s extensive (and irritating) security screenings because you’re already in the system. They have their own equivalent of TSA Pre-Check. Boston’s Logan Airport only requires that you walk through a metal detector. After that, you walk onto a small waiting room that’s adorned with snacks, couches, coffee and a popcorn machine. They go all out.

Beacon has rented a series of propeller-driven planes. While jets are much cooler looking, Beacon CEO and cofounder Wade Eyerly explains, “Taking a jet on a short route like this is like taking a Ferrari through traffic. You save six minutes and burn two-to-three-to-four times more fuel. Save those jets for trips to Miami or Chicago.”

Beacon is looking to expand to Washington DC just so long as their personalized quality of service doesn’t decline. Looking to Chicago would require them to change their logistics, making longer wait times in between flights.

Beacon is not concerned about G4s and other glossy private planes. Like all good transportation companies, they’re concerned with time saved and quality of travel experience.

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