Accessories to Enhance Your 2016 Trip

If you’re planning on travelling in 2016—and you’re not alone—you will undoubtedly be making some amazing memories that you can cherish for a long time. And to make amazing and fun-filled memories, your vacation needs to go off without a hitch (as if that’s even possible). Enter the iPhone. It’s a smartphone that millions of Americans have, and one that has great accessories, applications and features that can compliment your next vacation. Let’s check out a few so that your next vacation will run easy, smooth and even have some amazing photographs.

\"12-30\"12-30First up is an accessory bought separately from the iPhone that amplifies all of the amazing pictures that you are bound to take on vacation. The Olloclip has 4 lenses that can be attached on the iPhone to intensify your photos, making them seem like they have been taken from a professional camera. The Olloclip clips onto your phone and is easy and lightweight to transport around. It’s a “must get” for anyone going to see landmarks, beautiful scenery or a new city they’ll want to remember forever. Get one here!


The Kyte&Key Cabelet is a cord—and also a bracelet—for your iPhone. Ensure that your days of using Google Maps and taking pictures won’t cause your phone to die in the middle of your excursion. Wear your charging cord (it’s pretty fashionable!) and ensure that you won’t run out of juice. It comes in a ton of colors and sizes and is the perfect item—or gift—for a traveller. Check it out here.

Time to talk apps. Localeur helps you think like a local and gives you suggestions on which spots to check out on your vacation to many cities. Sure, Yelp is around, but it’s filled with many contradictory and confusing recommendations. Localeur takes their recommendations straight from the mouths of people who know the city most—and that’s the people who live there.

Another app, Wi-Fi Finder, points you in the direction of the closest free Wi-Fi—a necessity for any traveller going to Europe or overseas. Because having Wi-Fi can help you use the Maps apps and communicate with others, locating free Wi-Fi is necessary. Use this app if you’re ever in need for some free Internet!

Explore many more apps that can help you breeze through your trip here and make sure to get the necessary gear that will help optimize your vacation and fill it with fun times and memories!

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