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Imagine flying in an airplane without rubbing elbows with strangers, risking illness and bruises for your share of the armrest. Well, for those who are willing to splurge a little, then La Compagnie is the airline for you.

La Compagnie, the all business class airline, serves to create a “boutique-style” flying experience.  From wine-tasting to usable tablets, this airline is set to make the long trip to Europe comfortable. Previously, La Compagnie only made trips to and from Paris to Newark, and to and from Paris to London. Now, La Compagnie has opened a new route between Newark to London.

This expansion may show a significant change on how travel is viewed. By providing this new, luxurious way flying, La Compagnie aims to help people have the choice of comfort over price.

The timing of this new route could not be better. The recent drop of oil prices is a possible incentive for many to travel more and upgrade their entire experience.

Though this type of travel may not be for everyone, it\’s great to have different options available for people who may want that extra touch during their next flight. After all,  it might be nice to catch a nice nap instead of a cold next time you travel.

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