A Look into Mumbai’s Newly Renovated Airport

Ranking as the 48th busiest airport in the world and as the 2nd busiest in India, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport unveiled renovations last year that sought to increase the comfort and aesthetic appeal for all travelers.

Passenger Drop-off/Pick Up


When entering this airport, the changes will immediately become apparent. Starting with a new passenger drop-off and pick up that has peacock inspired columns and an overhang that visually stuns passengers as they come and go. \"2\"

Source: AP/ Rajanish Kakade

Art Exhibit


Included in these renovations is the world’s largest public art program in an airport, which includes over 6000 pieces of Indian art. Among these is art that is meant to define life in Mumbai, encompassing Bollywood culture and yellow and black taxis.


Source: AP/ Rajanish Kakade This walkway is next to a mural dedicated to Bollywood cinema.

Baggage Check/Ticketing


Source: AP/ Rajanish Kakade

As the peacock roofline continues inside, service facilities were also updated with new counters and hanging screen, giving it a modern look.



Gates found updates in comfort and aesthetics. From the newly padded seats and newer electronics with flight information, business travelers will find a new experience when waiting to board. Along with this, overhanging lights received and artistic update that resemble blooming flowers. All of these changes will serve to make traveling Mumbai a better experience. What’s your favorite airport when traveling for business?

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