7 Questions to Ask While Booking Chauffered Transportation in the Washington DC Metro Area

For most corporate executives, a hassle-free business trip is a top priority. Booking a chauffeured transportation service for an airport transfer or corporate gala can be convenient for your guests. The company you hire can help you create the right impression with your VIPs.

How would you determine that you got the best Chauffered Transportation in the Washington DC Metro Area. How can you be sure that you trust the chauffeur to make a timely arrival? Fortunately, there are seven questions that you can use to determine the competency and professionalism of the executive transportation company.

1. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Experience within the executive car service industry is extremely vital. Experience speaks of the company’s ability to handle their services to the highest standard. They have the know-how on how to adjust and personalize each trip to your liking.

2. Which Vehicles Are Available for Hire?

Most corporate limo services have a diverse fleet of vehicles that you can choose from. If you envision a stylish limousine, a luxury sedan, or perhaps a premium SUV, find a company that will match your desire. You may need to figure out the number of passengers before choosing your preferred ride. As a car service, a sedan can comfortably fit one to three passengers plus their luggage. Head over to the firm’s website, note down the available makes and models, and book one that you desire.

3. How Much Do the Executive Car Services Cost?

It is crucial to find a limousine and car service that fits within your budget. Most companies will provide billing information on their website. Ask how and when they will bill you? How much will additional amenities cost? Figuring out the costs may help you compare pricing models between different companies.

4. How Much Luggage Can They Handle?

If you plan to travel with a lot of luggage, you may need to inquire with the company if there are any limitations. The amount of baggage may also be determined by the number of passengers on the ride. Ensure you find a vehicle that can accommodate all of your needs.

5. How Do They Handle Schedule Changes?

When handling transportation booking, you need to have an open mind that changes in transport schedule can occur at a moment’s notice. You need to have peace of mind that the executive car services can accommodate your change in plans. Check if there is an extra charge on schedule alterations. If so, how much is it?

6. What Is Their Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes, travel plan changes such as delayed flights may necessitate cancellation of the pick-up service. With factors beyond your control, you may inquire from the company what happens after a canceled trip. Is there any notice required? Some executive car services may demand a 24-hour notice for you to claim a refund.

7. Who Should You Contact?

To enjoy a seamless pick-up process, try and get a contact person within the company that can address your issues. The firm’s representative can handle your altered travel plans, changed pick-up points, or last-minute requests for specific amenities.

Executive car services and Chauffered Transportation in the Washington DC Metro Area should never be left to chance. Asking the right questions can help you find the right partner for your business travels. Book your luxury vehicle today with RMA and enjoy exceptional service everywhere, every time.

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