6 Simple Tips for Hiring Chauffeured Executive Transportation This Holiday Season

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Are you stressed about how you will move from one place to the next during the holidays? Getting anywhere through online-hailing taxi apps can be a tall order. Driving your own vehicle can be stressful, too. Most business executives and their families will turn to chauffeured executive transportation for their ride to their destination.

Most administrative assistances have the challenge of finding the right ride for their executives. With so many factors to keep in mind, it can quickly become frustrating. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Chauffeured transportation.

1. Business or Pleasure?

The first step to finding the right chauffeured executive transportation is to figure out the type of service you expect. Corporate Chauffeured transportation tend to offer different packages depending on the priorities of the clients. For business purposes, the experience will be more formal and professional. A pleasure package may entail drinks, music, and food as part of the experience.

2. Check Out Their Fleet

Do you have a preference for the type of car you want? You may need to find a company with a comprehensive range of vehicles to choose from. Look at the options available and find a vehicle that matches your desire. As a car service, a luxury sedan can accommodate one to three passengers plus their luggage. Head out to their website and identify the different makes and models available for hire.

3. Inquire about Driver Training and Safety Protocols

The Department of Transportation reports an increased frequency of road carnage during the holiday season. Inquire about safety protocols set in place to protect you or your family during your trip. Most Chauffeured transportation companies have professionally trained chauffeurs that undergo defensive driving training. You can be confident that you will arrive safely at your hotel even after imbibing on your holiday punch.

4. Check Out Their Customer Service

You need to find a company that has a reliable customer service support team. The first consultation call may provide an insight into the quality of service to expect. Request to have a contact person within the firm to contact to help you address any issues that you may have. Changes in the transport schedule, flight delays, or cancellations can occur at a moment’s notice. The car service representative can ensure a hiccup-free transition for your altered travel plans.

5. Inquire About Their Pricing Model

You may need to find chauffeured executive transportation that fits within your budget limits. Most companies offer different packages depending on the vehicle and services requested. Check out the additional amenities that Chauffeured transportation services may offer. How much will these add-ons contribute to the final cost? You may enjoy massive discounts by enrolling in their premium membership clubs.

6. Read Through Online Reviews and Recommendations

If you can’t quickly pick out the right candidate from the five tips above, you can also check their reviews and testimonials. Online review sites may provide a glimpse of service quality to expect from a specific chauffeured executive car service.

Getting Chauffeured transportation can help smoothen your travels this holiday season. The six tips above can help you find the right vehicle and chauffeur for a comfortable and relaxing trip. Book your luxury ride today with RMA and experience exceptional service to your holiday destination.

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