5 Reasons to Book a Car Service For VIPs

While taxi services and ride-sharing get all the attention, they suffer from clear drawbacks. When you are responsible for providing transportation for VIPs, you want to ensure their safety and comfort. Car services can be used in many circumstances, including:

  • Executives, directors, and shareholders at your company
  • VIPs, such as visitors from other companies
  • Current or prospective customers and clients
  • Contractors and outside professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and consultants
  • Interviewees and prospective hires

Here are five reasons to book a car service or limo service for corporate clients and other VIPs:

They Won\’t Get Lost

This benefit refers to taxi chauffeurs who get \”lost\” to run up the fare. In fact, according to some surveys, the second most frequently cited reason for avoiding taxis is that the fares are too high. Many taxi customers have started hailing cabs and telling the chauffeur of the preferred route so the taxi chauffeur does not deliberately take them off-course.

The professionalism and trustworthiness of corporate chauffeurs will ensure your customer makes it to their destination in a timely manner. Combined with the fact that your business can develop an ongoing relationship with a limo service for corporate clients, this is just one more reason to choose limousine and car services over taxis.

Cost Control

No matter how large the business, managing your budget will always be a concern. When you choose a taxi service, the fares are calculated based on variety of factors, including flag drop, time, and mileage. This makes it difficult to predict and contain costs. A limo service for corporate clients, on the other hand, can assign a dedicated account manager to provide cost estimates beforehand.

For example, if you know that you need to transport ten directors to your headquarters every month for a board of directors meeting, you can have an account executive provide cost estimates for the year. This will help you stay within your budget and reduce the risk of surprise expenses.

On-Time Service

According to the same survey cited above, the third most common reason that passengers dislike using taxis is that taxis fail to arrive for a pick-up, arrive late for a pick-up, or require long waits for a pick-up. Scheduling a pick-up with a car service ensures that the car will arrive on time. In fact, car service operators report that 90% of limousine reservations are phoned in ahead of time.

This can be critically important for VIPs on a tight schedule. Keep in mind that members of the board of directors are often executives with other companies, retired military officers, politicians, and academics. Missing a flight or train can cause ripple effects throughout their schedules.

Consistent Quality

One concern with rideshare services and taxi services is that you never know what to expect. Both the chauffeur quality and the vehicle quality may vary widely from ride to ride. And, although they take requests for a specific type of vehicle, one complaint among both rideshare passengers and taxi passengers is that the wrong type of vehicle is dispatched. This can be a particular problem when passengers require accessible vehicles, vehicles large enough to carry several passengers, or vehicles with enough cargo space to carry bulky luggage.

Developing a relationship with a limo service for corporate clients means that you can expect consistent quality in the vehicles and the chauffeurs. Moreover, because executive car services specialize in luxury and premium vehicles, you will not need to worry that your CEO will be picked up in a junker from the 1990s.


More likely than not, your executives would prefer to arrive, on time and in style, typically in a premium sedan or SUV. Just as your company builds its brand through the careful management of its reputation, your executives can be a reflection of your corporate reputation and culture. When they are on time and in control, your company\’s image is boosted.

A limo service for corporate clients can benefit your company by providing cost control, consistent and professional quality, on time service, and a bit of class. When you\’re ready to streamline your transportation services, rely on RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation.

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