3 Things to Bring to a Conference that Aren\’t Business-Related

\"suitcase\"1. Your GoPro

Just the other day, GoPro released a new, smaller and sleeker camera; the Hero4 Session. This is the newest update to their camera in nine years. It’ll be released for everybody on July 12th at a steal of $399. The Session is half the size of their previous editions and nearly half as light. There’s one button, to start and stop recording, for ease of use. The Session is much better for mounting on objects. You can stick this bad boy on a pair of bicycle spokes and get amazing footage. And if you want to pluck it on top of your surfboard or paddleboard, it’s waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet without any additional casing.


2. Free Apps

If your brain is being stifled and crushed by meetings in poorly conditioned ballrooms, it’s important to have something to do once you’re set free. Instead of heading to your hotel room with thoughts of room service dancing in your head, go outside and play tourist!
To do this, you should get:
XE Currency – So you always know how much your dollar is worth
Google Goggles – If you’re too afraid to strike up a conversation with a local and ask, “What on earth am I looking at?”, you can open this app, point the camera towards the object or landmark in question and a barrage of relevant Wikipedia articles and sites will pop up. If nothing shows, then you’re probably just looking at a really nice parking lot.
CityMaps2Go- If you’re traveling outside of the country and don’t want to get slammed with roaming charges, get this! You can download all the maps you need and they’re stored offline–saving money and time!


3. Little Things

Airports are notorious for overcharging. You’re stuck and you’re hungry enough where paying $16.99 for a sub-par steak sandwich seems like a reasonable idea. This is where the little things come in. You should have granola bars. You should have an Advil. You should have an eye mask and noise proof headphones to drown everyone else out. These are all things that you can store in a briefcase or tote and have space to spare. If you’re feeling fancy and well prepared, instant coffee and a MiFi hotspot will do wonders and take up less space than a hardback Game of Thrones book.

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