Tammy McQurter

VP & General Manager
RMA Location: Houston, TX

Vice President & General Manager-Texas / Multi-city Operations / Transportation Management

With three decades in the travel industry, Tammy McQurter has developed a reputation as a visionary professional with a unique ability to develop and deploy a company’s customer experience strategy to create strategic advantage and growth in the area of customer service. Tammy is an effective communicator, motivator, and strategist with the capacity to use creativity to determine the best course of action for the business as a whole through use of skills that transfer across multiple industries and positions. Tammy has been with RMA Worldwide for seven years. She is known as a collaborative team-player, solution-oriented professional and a committed high achiever. Tammy has been mentored by a highly successful transportation business professional and has many courses in customer service. Tammy hopes to grow the Texas Region in sales and customer experience.