Brave Man’s Bridge

You may have heard of the “Brave Man’s Bridge” or you may not want to. It made international headlines last year when the 590-foot high, 1,000-foot long bridge—made of glass 25 times thicker than normal glass—cracked only a few weeks after opening. Cue the horror, which is exactly what happened when tourists noticed the bridge’s […]

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Weird and Wonderful Suzhou

China is unique . It’s wonderful and wild and so incredibly different from the United States. There is an outrageous amount of fireworks and grilled animal parts on sticks. It’s impossible to fully dive deep into China. There’s too much. But, for a healthy dose, go to Suzhou. Seventy miles outside of Shanghai lies what […]

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Which country will top the U.S. in business travel?

According to a recent article in CBS Money Watch, China is expected to top the United States in business travel by 2017. The Global Business Travel Association put out a report, sponsored by Visa, stating that despite China’s cooling economy, their business travel spend still grew by 16.4 percent in 2014 to a whopping $261 […]