Four Reasons to Visit Paris this Summer

What makes Paris so wonderful is a culmination of many different things. Some of these are more obvious like the architecture, both old and new, but there are so many other intangible, but impressive factors at play that make Paris so unique. This type of feeling can’t be found simply in books or movies. You have to go and actually feel everything Paris has to offer. But, for those of us who need convincing, here are our top 4 reasons to visit Paris this summer: Architecture Though obvious

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Some of the Best Along the Cali Coast

For some negative people out there, thinking about California can make them think about busy traffic, high crime, smog and the Kardashians. But for those who have a more positive outlook on life, California can mean beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, great food and diverse culture. In fact, California has something for just about everyone, whether you think so or not. But for us, when we think about California, the first thing to come to our mind is BEACHES! California boasts a coastline th

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Moms Who Love to Travel

We all owe a lot to our mothers. They cook for us, they clean for us, they gave birth to us and they shower us with love. So this Mother’s day, we owe it to our Moms to give them a great gift. Not only are there amazing gifts for a mom with the travel bug, but there are great trips you can take with them, too. Taking a trip with mom might be a little expensive, but hey, you owe them that much. In regards to gifts, a fitness tracker like the FitBit HR or Jawbone UP3 would be great so moms can

Exploring England

England is a well-known country with famous cities, food and people and is the epicenter of the world. But when people go to visit the renowned European country, they may know of little else but London, Manchester (if you follow football—ehem—soccer) or Oxford (You know, because of the elite university). So, instead of only going to London and missing all else there is in England, check out some of the other amazing places to visit. A good place to start is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton,&n

Walking in Memphis

Walking in Memphis (on a budget) can be a little difficult. There are so many lights and so much to do, see and eat. But Memphis, Tennessee is worth a trip to the Midwest. Elvis Presley loved Memphis, and you will too. But if you have limited cash to spend on your trip there, we can help you out with a few, (mostly) free suggestions and cheap places to eat. First of all, there’s no cost to explore Memphis’ Beale Street, which is a historic, musical street lined with lights. Beale Street was

If you have two weeks to travel Europe…

If you have two weeks to travel in Europe, you might have a pretty difficult time deciding where to visit. Some of the world’s most exquisite cities lie within Europe’s borders (think: Paris, London, Rome, most other cities in Europe). But if you have two weeks and would like to stay in one country the whole time, Spain is your best bet. In Spain, there is no shortage of beautiful cities and a variety of cultures. While Spain might be one country in itself, the various states and cities carr

Vacations Without Passports

No passport? No problem. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway before the tropics give in to the wrath of the summer heat, you need look no further than United States’ land and territories. There are plenty of places close to or part of the great US of A that don’t require you to show your passport or go through customs (a.k.a. a huge PAIN). Guam, part of the Marina Islands and a U.S. Territory, is a great place to vacation if you’re looking for beautiful beaches. There is a ton of c

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Full Steam Ahead!

Have you ever had the urge to take a train across a country and explore a new place in an old-fashioned way? There are plenty of possibilities for luxurious train travel all over the world. If you live in the US, you know that trains are definitely not the most luxurious form of travel. But hop on a plane and you might be able to catch a train that will fulfill your luxury-train-travel dreams. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express travels from London to Venice and stops in some of the most beautifu

Cruisin’ Out of the Lower 48

We all know Alaska as the notoriously cold, oil-filled, snowy, no-one-knows-too-much-about-it state. But one thing about Alaska that few people know is the popularity of its cruises. You may be wondering why one would want to go on a cruise in Alaska, of all places? First, Alaska is the United States’ biggest state, and very little people will actually travel to Alaska in their lifetime (so, going to Alaska makes you unique). Second, there are dozens of sights to see in Alaska that you have to

La splendida Costiera Amalfitana

Italy has some really fantastic places to visit. From Rome to Venice to Naples and Florence, there are famous cities all over Italy where tourists spend hard-earned money and time to experience for themselves. Some places in Italy are less talked about, but no less beautiful. The Amalfi Coast is one of those places. Along the coast of Italy, there are a handful of stunning and different cities that are worth exploring on your trip to Italy. Waterfront views, amazing food, fun hikes and historica