Madison Grey

VP of Human Resources
RMA Location: Rockville, MD

Human Resources Executive | Multi-state Operations | Employee Engagement | Business Partner | Transportation Management Partner

With over two decades of experience in human resources within several industries, Madison Grey has learned that employees are the building blocks of a company—and that the human resources department is its foundation. RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation hired her to optimize Human Resources strategic initiatives. Currently, she is responsible for leading RMA’s overall human resources strategy, talent acquisition, leadership and cultural development, employer branding, employee education, compensation and benefits, and HR operations in transportation. As the team’s coach, Grey wants members to fulfill their potential. To revolutionize Human Resources operations and ultimately increase company performance, her expertise drives enterprise-wide collaboration, improves employee engagement, and boosts employee retention, thereby fostering repeat business. Madison hopes to increase her company’s market share by creating a positive work environment wherever she works. As an HR practitioner, she builds a team of ambassadors to help her develop employee engagement within high-performing business segments that deliver exceptional results with best-in-class practices. Madison graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a degree in Organizational Management, where she was chapter president of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Madison is proud of her long-standing SHRM-PHR and Mental Health First Aid certifications, a national program to teach skills to respond to mental illness and substance abuse in the workplace. Madison can be found on multi-media platforms discussing her leadership style.