Kerianne Anderson

Director of Customer Experience
RMA Location: Boston, MA

Kerianne is a hardworking and passionate Director of Customer Experience with over a decade of experience in both Customer Service and Ground Transportation. Kerianne has proven that with the right support and enthusiastic team members who are eager to learn, we can support our customers from anywhere in the world. With Kerianne’s dedication, she was able to rebuild a contact center post covid that would exceed all expectations. Keri’s team has achieved SLA’s unheard of in contact centers throughout the industry, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with each and every interaction. As Director of Customer Experience, Kerianne has fostered a culture of growth and encouragement which not only allows the representatives to be comfortable enough to learn from their mistakes and are driven for the opportunities of growth within the CX department. In her spare time, Kerianne is basking in the joy of becoming a new mom and enjoys traveling.