Derek Mackert

General Manager
RMA Location: Richmond, VA

Derek Mackert has over 15 plus years of experience managing teams in the transportation and logistics industry. He started his career working in dispatch for some of the largest limousine and bus companies, which allowed him to work his way up through the ranks. Derek has a track record of building high-performing teams through servant leadership, employee engagement and a focus on employee development. Over the years, Derek has developed expertise in customer service, operations management client engagement , successful delivery of services, and planning for corporate events as well as transportation needs of all sizes. His passion is helping companies run smoothly and efficiently by maximizing the performance of their people and processes. Through a hands-on, lead-from-the-front approach, Derek strives to create an environment where employees are enabled and empowered to do their best work, which in turn benefits our clients. In 2021 Derek came onboard to manage RMA’s Richmond location to help build the company brand in the southern region of Virginia and has partaken in numerous industry specific trainings over his years in the industry to continue to further his knowledge which he utilizes daily to help RMA clients and employees as to ensure the utmost client focused strategy that helps set RMA apart from other industry brands.