2014 People’s Choice Award Winners Announced

October 24, 2014


Entrepreneur of the Year: Robert Alexander, president and founder RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, Rockville, Md.Alexander, who has shown a unique pursuit of business, developed a product or concept and/or found ways to expand operations. He has been a very intuitive and innovative operator in our industry.During the past few years, he and his team  worked countless hours to assist a leading software provider in developing app technology to benefit all operators. He recently started another brand called Orange Taxi to compete within a separate transportation segment within his market.   During this time, he was faced with a last minute lease issue, and had to quickly move to a temporary office, while locating and purchasing another building, and yet had to move again. Robert is a true entrepreneur in our industry.

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Value Added: Limo service owner found way to profit from repairs

Thomas Heath | September 22, 2013

It was the brake jobs that did it.Like most of us, Robert Alexander hated paying for car repairs.
And he has lots of cars. The owner of a Rockville-based limousine company, he was piling up hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance bills annually when he decided to take action:“I said this is crazy. I decided to buy my own station.”So in 2001, Alexander plopped down nearly $500,000 for a BP gas station on Rockville Pike in Montgomery County that has three service bays, two mechanics and a helper.Now, the $1.3 million he spends on maintenance and fuel mostly goes into his own pocket, instead of someone else’s. The move is an example of vertical integration, right out of a Management 101 playbook in which you own the businesses above and below you on the supply and service chain. It allows you to better control your costs as well as the quality of the work.

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NewsThe Sentinel- “Taxicab regs up for grabs”

Jan 29, 2015 — (Excerpt) Rob Alexander, CEO of Montgomery County-based Orange Taxi, wrote a letter to the council in December warning them of the dangers of allowing underinsured drivers to operate in the county.

“Drivers, passengers and pedestrians face enormous risks with Uber, Lyft or other so-called ridesharing drivers,” Alexander wrote. “These drivers’ primary line of defense in an accident is their personal insurance coverage, but that insurance coverage simply will not hold water. When they get in an accident, they are operating as a commercial driver. It is the law that anyone who picks up a passenger for money must have primary commercial automobile liability insurance coverage…Montgomery County has been criticized often over the past few years of being unfriendly to new business. But new business cannot come at the hands of forsaking the public’s safety. If Montgomery County continues to turn a blind eye to the illegal operations of Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing drivers in this county, you can be absolutely assured that the blame will fall squarely at the feet of our elected officials who now know about the massive insurance problems with these companies and yet have done nothing to adequately protect the public.”

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Robert Alexander, RMA Worldwide CEO, Talks About His Start at Washington College

Nov 22, 2013 — RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation CEO and Founder, Robert Alexander, discusses how a senior thesis he wrote at Washington College 15 years ago turned into a 25 million business today

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RMA Worldwide CEO Wins Entrepreneur of the Year: Washington, DC-area Transportation Executive Lauded for Investment in Technology

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