RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation supports the work of the following campaigns:


Ride Responsibly™ is an initiative established by the National Limousine Association to enlighten and inform the public at large, in an effort to ensure safer ground transportation. The campaign will bridge an industry-wide gap between the rights of passengers and the responsibility of service providers.

Check out Ride Responsibly’s public service announcement on the risks and hazards of transportation network companies (TNCs) below:

For more information, visit Ride Responsibly here.





“Who’s Driving You?” This central question has spurred an initiative of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association along with concerned members of the transportation industry. Concerned about what? The rise of unregulated taxi services—such as uberX, Lyft and Sidecar—placing passengers, drivers and pedestrians at risk. These companies rail against oversight and regulation. We believe the public’s basic right to safety and corporate accountability will be upheld.

Watch these to see how Uber and other Transportation Network Companies cut corners when it comes to public safety.

For more information, visit Who’s Driving You here.